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Create your professional profile through competition
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Сountries Building international community
professional profile
A new way to boost your knowledge
Be in the top positions with professionals from around the world or within your own country
Have high potential for career growth and salary increase
Visualize your medical skills
in diagnosing various diseases, knowing how to properly diagnose and treat patients
You are a Legend
Learn from real clinical cases
Become a legend in an active community of professionals
Compete with the best doctors in your field
Use achievements in your career development
Feedback from our community members
First country is – Brazil. What is the next country you would like to compete with?
485 doctors
Planned in 2023
Planned in 2023
Planned in 2023
Planned in 2023
Planned in 2023
Planned in 2023
It’s time to be a Legend
No stress and no risk to the patient
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