Educational Competition
for Dentists Worldwide
Secure the Top Spot and Win a Cash Prize!
1 place - $2000
3 place - $1000
2 place - $1500
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We offer medical competitions for dentists
Only 74 out of 200 seats remaining!
Simulators from practicing specialists based on real dental cases
Duels based on completed simulators
Certificates for winners
Cash prizes for first 20 winners of the competition
A Competition Winner – The First Choice for Patients
Rating list
Real-world clinical cases, enhancing both learning and competitive spirit. Accuracy in diagnoses translates to points, propelling you up the leaderboard.

The sharper your diagnostic skills, the higher your score, increasing your odds of achieving the top position.
Compete in
Compete in real-time with dentists through 10 questions in three daily rounds.

Quick, accurate answers improve your score and rank, increasing your chances for the top spot.
The competition will start in
the cost of the competition*
Competition Duration - 2 weeks
15 minutes a day, at any time
Total Participants are limited to 200 Dentists
10 Simulators
Prize Pool - $10 000
15 Duels
Competition Start - July 1st
Feedback from previous competitions
Participation Rules
Competition period: 2 weeks
Winning positions are determined based on the total points scored in medical simulators and "duel" competitions
Prize payouts are made within 15 days after the competition’s end date
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